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Since MEDI is a research oriented company, manufacturing is not our interest. We transfer the technical know-how to other companies and they manufacture products using our technologies and market them. We have provided technologies for industrial, commercial and domestic applications. When there is a unique requirement of electronic solution for certain specific application, MEDI has come forward and provided solutions from scratch.

We have been transferring technical know-how to various manufacturing companies world wide for more than twenty five years.


Technical know-how available for transfer -

Medi's Range of Sinewave Inverter Designs
DSP based Sinewave Inverter - 300VA to 3KVA

Sinewave PCB 12 MOSFET. Single PCB

DSP based Sinewave Inverter with Static changeover 3KVA - 10KVA 3 To 10 KVA control PCB

DSP based Sinewave Inverter - 5KVA to 30KVA single phase and three phase 3 Phase inverter control PCB



Medi's Range of MPPT Solar Charger Designs

MPPT solar charger up to 2KVA MPPT 2KVA control PCB

MPPT solar charger up to 10KVA
MPPT 10KVA control PCB

3KVA to 30KVA interleaved switching MPPT MPPT 30KVA 2015 design



Buck Boost Stabilizer
Buck Boost type 3 Phase 3 Wire Static Voltage Stabilizer

Solar Pump

Three Phase Solar Pump Control with MPPT and VFD

Transformerless Solar Pump Control PCB

Other Products
Static Voltage Stabilizer
3-Phase 3-wire Voltage optimizer
Electronic ballast for Induction lamp
Active Power Factor Correction (APFC)
  • Three phase sine wave inverter
    Three phase sine wave inverter
  • Static Voltage Stabilizer
    Static Voltage Stabilizer
  • Induction Lamp Ballast
    Induction Lamp Ballast
  • 3-Phase Solar Pump
    3-Phase Solar Pump
  • 3-Phase 3-wire Voltage optimizer
    3-Phase 3-wire Voltage optimizer
  • Interleaved MPPT Charger
    Interleaved MPPT Charger
  • Sine wave inverter
    Sine wave inverter