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Friday, 11 March 2016 05:55

Buck and boost Static Voltage Stabilizer

We are pleased to announce the release of a cutting edge technology development in the field of Static Voltage Stabilizers using IGBTs with delta PWM topology and three phase three wire system.

This is an IGBT based delta PWM topology three phase static voltage stabilizer up to 200KVA. This is a three phase vector addition/ subtraction Voltage Stabilizer that can be used for buck and boost voltage regulation with an accuracy of +/-1%. This is an SMPS type voltage stabilizer for mains voltage (AC input and AC output).  A new delta PWM switching topology where PWM is made directly in 3-Phase AC-to-AC, without adding any harmonic distortion.

The circuit comes with an LCD display which will show all parameters like: input voltage, output voltage, connected load, your company name etc. This finds its application in places where we need very fast correction speed, constant output voltage, overload current limiting and short circuit protection, soft start, high voltage cut-off and low voltage cut-off, automatic bypass, no wear and tear, long life and maintenance free which is impossible with other conventional relay type or servo control stabilizers.

Download this file (Buck & boost 3ph 3wire.pdf)Buck Boost 3 Phase 3 Wire Stabilizer[ ]697 Kb
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